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Customization makes the difference

The possibilities of customization

Your company can distinguish itself with customized software. Traditional customization involves high investments. Second company uses proven standard components in an MVP agile development process and limits the customization to components that make your company the difference. We have experience with Construction, fintech, healthcare, logistics, trade, financial sector and startups.

Possibilities with customization:

  • Smooth implementation of business processes
  • Process optimization through dashboarding
  • Determine the functionality yourself
  • No license fees
  • Competing through unique business management
  • Lower risk of security problems
  • Always up to date, with our inexpensive maintenance solution

What does customization mean

What does customization mean

Browser-based components

Components are isolated elements within a website. A component can be used in multiple contexts. Practical examples of components are for example the main navigation, notification messages, breadcrumbs, download links … but also larger elements such as a news item or calendar item. A whole page often completely divided into components. Many of these components can also be used in other parts of the site, some even occur on every page.

The advantage of browser-based components is that they are not tied to the software on the server. You can use them and you can adjust them much more easily in any way that makes it 100% in line with your business process. In addition, pure browser-based components are also not interesting for hackers because they do not exist on the server; where all sensitive information is located.

Fintech customization

There is currently a revolution going on in the financial world. Second Company is also part of the fintech revolution. With innovative financial products, our clients disrupt the business model of the banks, and drill new resources to improve their business. Fintech is now one of the fastest growing industries.
This covers an extremely broad spectrum, from systems and apps for (online) financial transactions to administrative software; we have even developed our own crypt currency. Interesting to think about what happens when a fintech company proves to provide better services than a traditional bank!

In feite passen wij zaken als User Experience (UX), conversie en procesoptimalisatie uit de softwarewereld toe op financiƫle toepassingen. En daar ligt dus de grootste meerwaarde voor bedrijven.


When functions, procedures, calculations or other operations are performed on a server, they are considered as Back-end. In contrast, the Front-end is on the side of the user (in the browser). A good example of a script running on the server is a search engine command or saving a registration.

A good user interface “Front-end” is the most important part of your application. Javascript is the only language that runs in every browser. So Front-end developers must be able to write javascript. In the end, it quickly becomes clear that you need the Back-end in many cases. Many front-end developers are therefore pleased that Javascript (or the superset Typescript) is now increasingly being chosen as the preferred server language.

Customization or package software

It is reasonable to expect that you can adjust package software for your organization. Many ready-to-use systems claim to be able to be adjusted, but it is important to evaluate the level of customization needed to meet the needs of your organization. If specific business processes and workflows need to be implemented, you get a situation where components need each other’s data. Then packet software can become an expensive business and often proves late that customized software would have been a better one.

Always make a good analysis before you choose package software. The initial costs sometimes seem attractive, but in the end you can get problems due to: budget transfers, no longer being able to get along with upgrades, high license costs and a bad user experience, leaving the competitor behind you.

Software development by Second Company


Second Company specializes in developing, managing and hosting tailor-made software integration solutions. We are also specialized in applying the latest techniques and methods within software development.

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