Customized portals

A sleek design and Intuitive UX

Build a web portal?

Bring your service to the 21st century with a customized web portal. A good web portal is unique, just like your company.

Why a custom web portal? Think of:

  • Extensive, and for the same money
  • Much more user-friendly
  • Oriented on the user role
  • No scarce CRM programmer needed
  • Grows flexibly with your company
  • Faster back-office integration

Which portal do I need?

Portals that we have made our customers happy with:

Customer portal

A customer portal (or my environment) must breathe the look and feel of your company and, above all, work very well.

In practice, we often see that a customer portal feels unprofessional, erroneous assumptions are made about the use of service provision or that the user simply does not think that the portal exists at all.

Do you want to know how we solve this in client portals of o.a: ANWB, Ricoh, Brockmeyer, The Next Ad and CNB?
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Dealer Portal

A Dealer Portal (or reseller portal) must be service-oriented and specialized.

It often happens that a dealer portal does not fit well with the services of a reseller. This makes the reseller, for example, promises that can not be fulfilled due to, among other things, good access to information about stock and prices.

Do you want to know how we solve this in dealer portals of o.a: CPE, MSQ and E-Bay?
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Employees portal

Good back-office integration and a good UX are essential for the user experience.

We sometimes see that the integration with the back office is wrong or that it does not feel good to work with the portal. Package software, for example, is a dissatisfier for your employees. The consequences of this on atmosphere and culture are often underestimated.

Do you want to know how to solve this from: ING, Liberty Global, KPN, MSQ and Barentz?
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How do we know that customers are satisfied?

Because we maintain proactive contact about quality, progress and process.

Having only worked with Second Company for a few months now, we already have realized much more of our portal than we ever had expected. Pro-active, cooperative, knowledgeable, smart… That’s Second Company.

- Jan Burgers, Genpact

Communication is good, quality is good, these portals are the future.

- Cees Schrijen, Genpact

Inmiddels zijn we met ons derde Portal en App bezig. Goede designs, strakke voorbereiding, lekkere voortgang. Bouwt vooruitstrevende applicaties. Een goed bedrijf!

- Martin Mastenbroek, MSQ group

Their agile-model is better! Communication was good and delivery was on budget. This distinguishes Second Company from other software development companies.

- Mr Steven Ras, ICT Recht

Truly agile

- Maarten Pop, European Communication Projects

Our auctioning portal looks great!

- Eugene Kersjes, Vice-President, Ricoh Europe

First project results matched perfectly with initial requirements and were delivered ontime and bugfree.

- Kick Willemse, Evidos

Door hun technische kennis, probleemoplossend vermogen en specifieke werkwijze zijn bottlenecks snel opgelost.

- Roelof Lettinga, E-bay

We are going for first-time-right!

That's how we do that:

Analysis & Design

A business analyst and UX designer dig so deeply that our first designs are immediately accepted.


Sprints of 2 weeks, we go for 0 bugs. No unpleasant surprises; implementation already has enough challenge.


Smooth integration through collaboration with your employees. Share documents and conscientiously keep track of them.


Continuous improvement without a high monthly commitment. We are still working on your site.


Second Company specializes in developing, managing and hosting tailor-made software integration solutions. We are also specialized in applying the latest techniques and methods within software development.