We work for a wide range of customers - from startups to large companies in various industries.

Portal Development

You want to unlock one or more services via the internet? Then build an internet portal. With an internet portal you can give customers the opportunity to independently carry out various actions without having to contact your employees. The benefits of an internet portal depend on what you use it for. Read more...

  • Reduced helpdesk costs
  • A new sales channel
  • Better collaboration between employees
  • Providing online services

Apps (iOS/Android)

Second Company supplies high-end apps with a slick user interface for iPhone and IOS. Our apps integrate seamlessly into your business process. In this we distinguish ourselves from the competition.

  • Great user experience
  • Seamless integration into your company
  • Super fast user experience
  • Even if there is no internet


While for many CIOs and managers digital transformation is a 'culture' thing; an abstract concept that they want to print in the minds of their employees, we experience that you just have to do it.

  • Fast implementations
  • Business-first approach
  • Switch directly with employees
  • Grip on your budget