Software, ready-to-wear or a tailor-made suit?

"we’re making this process comprehensible for our clients and employees."

Many companies are facing unpredictable IT projects, which are often unforeseeable and unpredictable because of a lack of knowledge. To get a successful software development project within budget, companies often choose standard software, which can be taken right off the shelf. But such a solution isn’t really top-shelf, is it?

What’s your choice?

Do you want the same CRM system and the same software suite as your competition? Do you want to use low-code/no-code application platforms because you don’t have enough knowledge yourself and you think that this will somehow become a unique solution? Or do you choose to distinguish yourself and create the feeling for your client that doing business with your organization is user-friendly, pleasant and truly different? If you choose the latter, please continue reading.

Create your own internal digital revolution!

Why shouldn’t you develop software which is truly unique for your organization, if that’s possible within the budget? We think that software development should be faster, better and more predictable, and so we look forward to taking up the challenge of creating your tailor-made suit. We do this with a team of some of the best software developers from all over the world. But it’s mostly the approach that’s important:

How do we create tailor-made software?

Yes, we also use agile development, but most of all we realise that each project needs a great start and finish. If you want to prevent long and expensive projects, you need to start with good preparation. Together we’ll go through the following phases:

Phase 1. Each quotation process starts together with a business analyst

This is a digger, who will take his time during the first meeting and ask lots of questions with the goal of getting each proposal right the first time.

A nice example is a client who was concerned about the fact that we had reserved relatively little time for the UX design phase. The fact that the design received a lot of praise, was the most beautiful compliment we could get. In short, we just want to understand it well right from the start.

Phase 2. The UX design phase

Based on the quotation process, a joint meeting will be held with the business analyst and a UX designer.

During this design phase, we will offer a portal where you can give feedback yourself; this way, the design will feel right from the start and will meet the expectations.

Phase 3. Development phase

Our promise is that we won’t create unpredictable IT projects that will exceed the budget. This is what happens often when new, expensive insights appear while working in an agile fashion.

With us, during the development phase, projects cannot slip into a bottomless pit, costing lots of money, because the portal automatically calculates how much can still be built within budget. Every two weeks we release a working version of your software, and we aim to do that each time without any bugs.

Phase 4. Delivery

During this phase, agile and iterative development change into finishing up and taking into production. It’s a phase during which both client and developers need to get out of their comfort zones and work hard to get from 95% to 100% delivery. This is about the full integration of the solution into the business process instead of about solving bugs.

Second Company assumes a guiding role during this final process, in which, for example, we look for a pilot group together, have the domain names redirected, request security certificates, set up servers and look into possible partner APIs.

Phase 5. Maintenance

After delivery, we want your software solution to remain tailor-made. We have both automatic and manual weekly controls and will proactively come up with suggestions to further optimise the platform after delivery.

We believe that a successful product shapes itself after its users. That’s why we measure, analyse and study its daily use so that you can get even more benefit out of your portal.


We’ve proven that we can create tailor-made software for major clients. Much more important is that we aim to have only software heroes under our roof who are a match with our corporate culture.

Forget about ready-to-wear, embrace tailor-made suits!

Sebastiaan Herman

Hands-on CEO van Second Company

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