The all-in service that allows you to launch software, find digital talent and learn to manage them in one easy-to-understand process. Our motto is 'Starting up together, developing independently'.

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Our vision

"Every company is a tech company"

All industries become digital. To survive it's essential to build digital capacities.

Our mission

"Building your tech ánd your team"

We provide you with the software and the digital skills to develop independently.

IN-HOUSE development

Read below whether your company recognizes itself in this? If so, In-House is the solution for your company.

You're an entrepreneur and you want to build software...

For example, software for a specific purpose. Or maybe your mission is the digital transformation of your entire organization.

You start with hefty ambitions....

The software should really help your business and the digital skills of your organization will improve greatly.

But you get stuck...

  • You have a difficult relationship with the external agency
  • Transferring the software to another agency fails and self-development is not an option. In short: vendor lock-in!
  • You can’t find a good developer who is easy to manage, has the same way of working and has more than enough experience in managing developing teams

You realize...

  • That you not only need to have the right software in house.
  • You also need developers who know the software and have the specific management skills required for further development and implementation.

The solution?

IN-HOUSE by Second Company

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Recognisable? What is the stage that your company is in?

How does it work?

  • The client commissions Second Company to develop the software solution.
  • Second Company accepts this assignment.
  • All the developers are employed by Second Company.

The goal of the outsourcing phase is to deliver the MVP.

Our best practices

  • Weekly adjustments
  • Quick soft-launch
  • Involve end user
  • Delivery in 3 months
  • Build your own IN-HOUSE dev-team
  • Guidance product owner
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How does it work?

After delivery of the MVP, the developer remains employed by Second Company on a payroll basis. However, the project management is transferred to the client (product owner).

Second Company continues to provide technical support to the developer and coaches the customer on effective product ownership.

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How does it work?

At any point in the supervised development process, the customer can choose to continue development completely independently. In that case the client takes over the employment contract of the developer. Second Company takes care of the entire relocation process.

If desired, Second Company can then remain involved in the coaching of both the developer and the product owner.

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All benefits at a glance

All-in service

Software, Talent & Skills

An all-in service for software and digital transformation.
One-stop shop for all your digital questions. Transparent process. No hassle.

Guidance product owner

Coaching & technical support

We coach you in managing your IN-HOUSE developers and teach you everything about the
technology. So that you are always at the helm of your product.

Cost-effective further development

No agency fees. You decide how much support you need.

Thanks to your IN-HOUSE developer, you incur fewer costs for further development.
After delivery of the MVP, you decide whether you want to call us in for coaching, for example.

Your own IN-HOUSE team

Develop and manage your software IN-HOUSE with your own development team

Find your IN-HOUSE developer(s) in our international talent pool. Get to know each other during
MVP phase and then decide if you want to continue together.

Interested? Please contact us for an introductory offer.

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