The Uber of Roofers

Roofs are MSQ’s domain. They invest in companies that work on, for or on roofs. These companies operate independently, while MSQ facilitates in the background in the field of recruitment, joint procurement, financing, ICT and back office activities. This benefits the decisiveness and efficiency of these companies.


The transition

When it comes to the company of the future - the digital platform - there is a 'winner takes it all mentality'. As a rule, companies that transform into platforms at an early stage are also more successful. With that in mind, MSQ decided to enter into a strategic partnership with Second Company to build the digital roofing company of the future. And we are quite proud of that.

The approach of Second Company

With hundreds of vans on the road at all times of the day and roofers maintaining hundreds of thousands of miles of roofs, digital transformation is a necessary strategic move for MSQ. Second Company made it possible for MSQ to deploy a suggestion engine for time tracking. This enables the roofers to keep their full attention on their work, while saving countless hours in administration and the necessary corrections.

Work for the hour registration app

Android and iPhone apps

  • Continuous tracking of hundreds of vans on the road.
  • Automatic detection of privacy-sensitive locations and times. The app then goes into sleep mode.
  • Automatic suggestion of work locations based on user tracking data. The work, hours and customer are automatically entered for the user based on intelligent location data.
  • Automatic calculation of time spent working, breaks and travelling.


  • Head office can view the work logs and check them against the service agreements.
  • These agreements can be adjusted if necessary.
  • AI algorithm to find the best route. Route is described and there is a preview of the route to and from the work location.
  • Approval of work and feedback in Microsoft Dynamics Navision.
  • Detection and notification of wrong permissions and usage.

Synchronisation with Navision

  • Import of permissions and user information.
  • Automatic import of holidays and leaves.
  • Live synchronisation of orders through the use of events.


“A beautiful customised application that helps our users to do their work better, easier and faster!” – Ralf Putter, Hoofd Daklab


  • Focus: The roofers can concentrate fully on their work, instead of on administrative tasks.
  • Time saving: Roofers save countless hours in administration and the necessary corrections.
  • Efficiency: much more accuracy in writing hours.

> 200

vans on the road



> 1.000.000

logged hours

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