Explosive growth of Brockmeyer through vacancy marketing platform

As experts in job marketing, Brockmeyer knows exactly where the ideal candidate for a vacancy is. By using a mix of job sites, Google advertising, banner campaigns, direct mailings and social media campaigns, their clients reach the best candidates.

The transition

Second Company created a client portal for this cool company. Through this portal, a vacancy can be posted on various job sites with one push of a button. This saves clients a lot of time and money, and the growth of Brockmeyer exploded as a result.

The approach of Second Company

In order to design the portal optimally, we first collected all the requirements on the basis of powerful discussions with employees, recruiters and clients. On this basis we created a sleek design that was approved almost immediately – it hit the nail on the head. We went to work and created a web portal that is also available as a mobile app.

The implementation of this is an ongoing project, in which we continuously think together with Brockmeyer about improvements in the portal and the optimal product-market-fit. We deploy various expertises for this purpose, such as a business analyst and growth marketeer.

Tens of thousands of vacancies posted on over 600 job sites

The portal enables the recruiter or HR manager to post a vacancy, with one central budget, on hundreds of vacancy sites in Europe, such as LinkedIn, Stepstone, Monster, Indeed, student vacancy sites, etc. It is quite a powerful channel that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to improve job postings so that they resonate better with candidates. Subsequently, the recruiter or HR manager can monitor in the portal what is happening with the vacancies; what responses there are, what is the status of the responses, where do the people who respond come from, what is the status of the budget. All of this saves the user an enormous amount of time and money.

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  • Enormous savings in time and money through an optimally designed platform for vacancy marketing
  • Explosive business growth for Brockmeyer

Automatic integration into the LinkedIn talent portal

To make the portal set up for Brockmeyer even more powerful, additional functionality has been added in the form of automating input into the LinkedIn talents portal. Using our application, Brockmeyer can now save even more time and money by automatically posting their jobs in the LinkedIn talent portal from their central database. By automating this process, more jobs can now be posted for Brockmeyer’s customers and around 80% of their time can be saved.

Dynamic data interpreter for TiCC

What companies often notice is that the interaction with each platform is different. Different data types and formats are often used that can still change the workflow. Furthermore, it is also possible that these factors are changed on a platform which only makes it more difficult to automate a process. This was a problem Brockmeyer encountered at the Tilburg Centre for Cognition and Communication (TiCC).

On this platform, Brockmeyer has to work according to the policies of the TiCC. This policy requires the use of complex codes and regulations that also change from time to time, making automating the process virtually impossible.

To overcome this complex problem at Brockmeyer, Second Company created a Dynamic Data Interpreter. This data interpreter uses the database that Brockmeyer has to make a translation for another format so that the source does not have to be modified to meet the requirements of another platform. The data interpreter uses a flexible dictionary to input the data to the platform of choice. Using this dictionary, it is also easy to make changes in formatting to ensure that the workflow is always up-to-date and the source data can remain integer.

Using this dynamic data interpreter Brockmeyer now saves 75% time when it comes to entering vacancies on the TiCC platform, time that can now be invested in other business processes.

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