The digital invoice flow

Ricoh is a global technology provider that helps organisations change and improve their business processes and information management. To make them faster, more productive, more sustainable and more profitable.

The transformation of Ricoh

The invoice flow of Ricoh's customers also had to be changed and improved. Second Company helped Richo with this transformation and digitised the entire invoice flow end-to-end for its clients.

The approach of Second Company

In addition to the digitalisation of the invoice flows, we also built an auction clock for Ricoh. The clock enables Ricoh to auction large stocks of printers to its own sub-suppliers quickly and in response to demand.

“Imagine. Change.”

The results

  • Efficient invoice flow for Ricoh's customers by digitising this flow end-to-end
  • Auctioning large stocks of business printers quickly and demand-driven thanks to the Dutch auction clock

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