Thousands of therapists, one platform

The Hypnosis Institute of the Netherlands is by far the largest hypnotherapy institute in the Netherlands. They give many workshops and master classes every month to train ordinary people to become professional hypnotherapists.

The transformation of HIN

In cooperation with Edwin Selij, coordinator and founder of the Hypnosis Institute Netherlands, we have set up a new platform that makes hundreds of therapists visible to patients who desperately need their treatments.

The approach of Second Company

The Hypnosis Institute Netherlands (HIN) is the largest hypnosis institute in all of Europe. Under the leadership of Edwin Selij, coordinator and founder of the HIN, hundreds of hypnotherapists are trained every year in various types of treatment. From quitting smoking to dealing with past traumas, nothing is too crazy for the therapists at the HIN.

Platform design

Somewhere these therapists have to find a place to offer their services to patients looking for the appropriate treatment. It is exactly for this reason that Second Company, together with the HIN, has set up the platform Here all certified therapists can register to display their unique specialities for potential patients. Since many different parties were involved in setting up and using the platform, there has been a close cooperation between the therapists of the HIN, Edwin Selij and Second Company. Iterative design, business analysis and feedback sessions were conducted to create a product that everyone could easily use.


  • An engaged community with more than 400 registered therapists who are prepared to eliminate almost all complaints from patients
  • Daily appointments are made on the platform where therapist and patient meet.
  • Easy to use for everyone by periodic feedback sessions with users, therapists and the Product Owner make the platform easy to use for everyone.






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