Leader in digitization

The Netherlands is among the front-runners with digitization in healthcare

Second Company provides creative concepts in healthcare. A user-friendly customer portal, an operating system for the elderly and a solution against dementia. These are examples of the various products that Second Company has delivered.

When it comes to Digitization in healthcare, the Netherlands is pulling the cart. When it comes to user-friendly software with a sleek design? Second Company!

We are going for first-time-right!

That's how we do that:

Analysis & Design

A business analyst and UX designer dig so deeply that our first designs are immediately accepted.


Sprints of 2 weeks, we go for 0 bugs. No unpleasant surprises; implementation already has enough challenge.


Smooth integration through collaboration with your employees. Share documents and conscientiously keep track of them.

Maintenance & growth

We are still working on your site, your marketing and growth. Continuous improvement without a high monthly commitment.

Want to know more about our solutions in healthcare?

Software development by Second Company


Second Company specializes in developing, managing and hosting tailor-made software integration solutions. We are also specialized in applying the latest techniques and methods within software development.

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