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and never want anything else again

It’s the most frequently heard complaint about working with software developers: they don’t understand what the business needs and incur expenses without clear commercial results. At Second Company we focus on training our developers to think about business first. Here the software developer is also account manager, project leader and business analyst. And clients are amazed: “I can learn so much from this”

1 Each employee knows the client and can help them along

As a client you don’t call because you necessarily want to speak to an account manager. You call because you want to talk with an expert who will solve your problem. This is why we also train our software developers as business analyst, account manager and project leader.

The priority for our developers is that they understand and master each aspect of the business process, so they can directly work with the client to find solutions. Our developers and clients also stay in contact through chat groups so they can make decisions together as quickly as possible.

As developer at Second Company you truly do everything. Of course with the assurance that there are more experienced business analysts and developers to support you. This is why working at Second Company is really challenging and this is also why we manage to maintain our international top talent.

This method is perfect for our clients. They are often amazed with our work. An example of what I mean: after one of our developers sent a motivational email to the project team of the client, this was the reaction of the CEO.

2 International teams are more successful

Clients choose increasingly often for international teams because they have been proven to deliver better work. Google and Amazon have already been recruiting highly skilled migrants for many years. Software development has become a global profession with lots of top talent outside of the Netherlands.

For the past two years we have also been doing this and our clients are benefiting from it. By bringing together international developers and refreshing perspectives we can deliver the quality that clients are looking for. Before we started bringing highly skilled migrants to the Netherlands we of course already delivered great quality work. But the international mix right here in our office is just creating amazing results.

In 2017 we again hired many great developers, after which we have focused on their development, the company culture and effective collaboration. This ensured that now in 2018 we have strong structures that guarantee the quality of our work, which has led to satisfied clients.

3 Fast, successful and money-saving

It’s not just more pleasant and fast to work directly with skilled employees, but it also means less money is spent on expensive managers. Furthermore, it also reduces the chance of miscommunication. If wishes and possibilities are not (yet) aligned with each other, this can cause an extra layer of communication difficulties or frustrations. I am so happy that we don’t have this problem.

As far as I know our approach is unique in the Netherlands. But even more important, it is successful. Our clients are all satisfied with the results and with the way we work.

At previous IT partners all communication went through the account manager, even the smallest changes. Here we speak directly with the developers and they know the whole project inside-out. That makes adjustments so much easier.

employee of Consolidated from the Dutch construction industry

The quote above from one of our clients demonstrates it: our philosophy of broadly trained, independent, business-minded developers is the future!

IT is a force for good, but that’s only possible if IT employees understand better what organizations need and are prepared to think and act while putting business first. With broadly developed, international top talents such as Amir Nogayev (read the blog How the Chinese secret service influenced my IT company in Haarlem) as our employees we turn this principle into reality on a daily basis.

Do you want to know more about how our international team of business-minded developers can make the difference for your company? Read our blog about digital transformation or call me directly. I look forward to hearing what your ambitions are!

Sebastiaan Herman

Hands-on CEO van Second Company

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