Millions of ANWB members use our tools

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB is an association that uses a unique mix of influencing and service activities to promote the interests of its members in the areas of mobility, holidays and leisure. In this work, the ANWB wants to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

The transformation of ANWB

With a huge community of almost 4.5 million users, the ANWB website is a household name in the Netherlands. Second Company proudly contributed to many of the tools on the ANWB website and worked with the organisation on its digital transformation.

The approach of Second Company

Second Company developed for the ANWB a number of tools to support its website community. We worked hard for a month on the construction of Koerslijst, perhaps the best known tool on the ANWB website. This tool has user-friendly scripts and a nice flow. Another tool we developed is Autovraag. With this tool you can find the answer to all your questions, for and by users and specialised moderators. In this way, almost 10,000 questions from users have already been answered.

The result

  • User-friendliness is paramount with a tool like exchange rate list
  • Ease of use and answers to all your questions through Autovraag, that's service



4,5 million

active users on a monthly basis


applications built

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