CNB ready for the future with new customer portal

CNB is the largest market place for the trade in flower bulbs, tubers and perennials. The professionals at CNB connect all market parties in the world of flower bulbs.

The transformation of CNB

We are proud to have been able to support CNB in its digital transformation. We have done this by setting up a renewed customer portal which enables optimal trade in flowers and plants. This way, all parties are connected to the maximum extent.

The approach of Second Company

Renewed client portal

Second Company renewed the client portal of CNB. In order to set up this portal in the best possible way, we first collected all the requirements. We worked intensively with CNB to map this out clearly.

This thorough business analysis enabled us to create a good (UX) design that perfectly matched the wishes of CNB. The designs were delivered within a few days, quickly approved by CNB and then delivered by us within 3 months. All in accordance with the agreement.

CNB’s own systems – for order processing and invoicing, etc. – were then integrated at a later stage. – We then connected them at a later stage. We had built the customer portal in such a way that CNB could continue to work during the construction and could continue to focus on their business. The completed customer portal now forms the basis of all CNB’s communication.

Second Company has delivered a new and refreshing portal with which CNB is ready for the future.

Image database share button

At a later stage, together with a business analyst, we mapped out the needs of regular customers for a marketplace. We did this by interviewing different users. This made it clear once again how many different demands, questions and requirements there are for one solution. A very important point that emerged was the need for images of flowers and plants. The CNB customers wanted to use this for their own trading.

It turned out that CNB itself had an enormous image bank. Therefore, as a solution, a Share button was created on the platform, with which the participants can now offer their trade themselves, outside the marketplace. This is done on a page with the participant’s logo, facilitated via the marketplace website.

This set-up provided CNB with very valuable knowledge about the stocks of the participants in the portal. CNB thus received more than they could have imagined by being open to input from their ecosystem and by opening up their platform.


The results

  • An efficient basis for all customer communication via a new and fresh customer portal
  • Knowledge of customers' business through thorough interviews that led to the design of a marketplace app with images / a share button on CNB's platform

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