Digital Transformation in practice

Digital transformation in practice

While many CIOs and managers consider digital transformation to be something 'cultural', an abstract concept that they want to instil in their employees' minds, we consider it something that you just have to do.

The problem with abstract concepts is that they easily create unanimity. At the same time, this is how you create a future problem. Eventually, you will see that each employee did what they thought was right and no one truly understood each other.

When it comes to digitalisation, we are usually talking about software. And with software, you have to get very concrete very fast. Make sure each element is thoroughly analysed, for example the delivery of services to your customers.

The analysis of these services leds to a design with a clear advantage - for example, a market place with a calculation tool meant for the construction industry (please refer to our CPE case). Afterwards, make sure you cooperate for a fast, effective implementation.

That's what digital transformation is about! Each success gives you the motivation needed for the next project.

This brings us to our final point. Digital transformation is not a one-time activity. It is a continuous process of optimising and improving, driven by your excellent knowledge of the market. Each employee has to feel inspired. It is our experience that actions are far more effective than words.

We are going for first-time-right!

That's how we do that:

Analysis & Design

A business analyst and UX designer dig so deeply that our first designs are immediately accepted.


Sprints of 2 weeks, we go for 0 bugs. No unpleasant surprises; implementation already has enough challenge.


Smooth integration through collaboration with your employees. Share documents and conscientiously keep track of them.

Maintenance & growth

We are still working on your site, your marketing and growth. Continuous improvement without a high monthly commitment.


Second Company specializes in developing, managing and hosting tailor-made software integration solutions. We are also specialized in applying the latest techniques and methods within software development.